On the road back once again to school, she witnessed this new Death People raid the brand new Hogwarts Express, trying to Harry Potter

Repeat year

Due to the fact that she spent 6 months inside health going through the lady curse, Katie returned to Hogwarts during the 1997-1998 college or university 12 months in order to recite their 7th season. [23]

Into the 1998, from the level of the Next Wizarding Battle, Katie, becoming of age, fought throughout the Race of Hogwarts against Lord Voldemort along with his armed forces out-of Dying Eaters. Katie reunited having Oliver, Alicia, and you will Angelina during the Hogwarts. In basic phase of race, she try viewed attacking next to Aberforth Dumbledore, Seamus Finnigan, and Leanne. [24]

The battle was titled to help you a halt whenever Voldemort questioned you to definitely Harry Potter call it quits and arrived at him on Forbidden Tree, or else he’d enter the competition and you will wreck all of the defenders regarding Hogwarts. Harry surrendered and you can entered this new forest, where Voldemort apparently slain your for the Killing Curse. [25] not, Harry lasted, as Voldemort got simply slain the newest Horcrux inside Harry. In the last stage of your competition, Harry eventually endured out from the audience and you can confronted Voldemort one-on-one, and beaten him in the a last duel, destroying him forever. [26]

Pursuing the battle she was viewed resting with Cho, Padma Patil, and you can Leanne, most likely thankful that the war is actually eventually more and you can Lord Voldemort is actually dead and you may moved permanently. [27] Katie in the course of time lasted the second Wizarding Battle. Lire la suite