Can it be Habit Otherwise Etiquette To inquire about If you’ve Consumed Inside the Korean?

When learning Korean, one of the first many verbs is discovered is actually muk-weil (??), or “for eating”. Provided individuals consume always all the time day-after-day, definitely this is a good verb to utilize as soon as your know they, you can hear it spoken every where! not, it might not be used how you believe it is put.

Recently during the a conversation with five Korean females, the subject of decorum and you may ways came up. We were sharing variations throughout the western than the Korea. We elevated just how endearing, even in the event unusual initially, it had been one Koreans consistently query if the I have taken incase I behave that we haven’t, inevitably restaurants appears. Away from co-pros to help you nearest and dearest and you may associates in order to employers and the like, usually this has took place numerous times. I recently didn’t mastered how nice Koreans were to care and attention such from the my personal each day eating routine. In the usa, a mother or father may ask children coming home out of college in the event that they truly are eager otherwise a pal have a tendency to ask a pal if the they will have drank as they should consume very they are hoping the solution is not any, however it is never ever the fresh enjoy question. From inside the Korea although not, it’s.

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New Korean female I became training then started to talk about just how it watched it since a habit and not ways while they take action instead of considering. It’s a great deal more the same as, “how have you been?” in addition to reaction, “I am okay” though you are not very great, it told me.

Honestly, Used to do discover way back just to acquiesce and you can function which have, “yes” whilst was less difficult than just entering a complete talk about as to the reasons We hadn’t taken anything prior to I came to work. In ways I experienced determined that simply stating, “yes” aka “I am good” try the typical code. Possibly, basically is actually starving and you will an effective Korean coworker, friend and other manage query regardless of if, I might nevertheless state, “no” and watch just what dinner manage come my method. I would both nevertheless react towards negative since it is actually true and still for some reason the question off if We have used or not is just therefore strange from time to time, such as for example when I’ve only are located in having an interview to own a good occupations. Why must a prospective upcoming director care and attention when the I have drank immediately following all and you will are not around more pertinent questions to ask?

If the females were speaking whether or not, We appreciated back to all of the puzzled and you may shocked faces that i got discover when i answered that have “no”. My Korean discussion lovers had been of course pregnant us to state, “yes, We have eaten” and you can move on but We tossed him or her a curve-ball and you may told you, “no”. It actually was such as for instance replying that have, “Oh, I am dreadful. I simply failed a make sure next got front swiped of the an automobile regarding parking area and then I am late for that it appointment…” and the like and so on to help you an acquaintance who was simply being polite into the inquiring because you seated in a lobby together.

Is actually Koreans most asking if you have eaten?

Perhaps not. Once you fulfill a boss, professor, associate, buddy otherwise numerous somebody, they will most likely inquire so it regarding behavior and absolutely nothing otherwise therefore the expected answer is on the best way to say, “yes”. not, my better half says one to as much as meal day, everyone may very well be inquiring if you have drank after which it’s simply up to you to determine the right reaction. But when you state, “no” and you’re perhaps not eager next say that you might be good a while later so there isn’t an uncomfortable shuffle to get you eating regarding wake.

Where did it “habit” as the girls told you, or personalized, are from?

Adopting the conflict regarding 1960s and you can 1970s, restaurants is difficult to find during the Korea and thus so you can inquire exactly how anybody try were to inquire in the event that that they had used. If you’re food is a great deal more plentiful now, foot fetish sex chat issue has maintained value in an effort to inquire shortly after someones well-are. In addition, it teaches you as to why the team of females I was chatting with felt like practical question is a lot more of a practice to possess him or her.

How exactly to state it?

? ????? (Bap meogeoseoyo?) Here is the first way to say “do you consume?” so if you’re just swell, the appropriate effect would be ? ????. (Nae meogeoseoyo.) otherwise “yes, I consumed.”

To own a high and a lot more sincere tone, you can state ??????? (Shiksa hashutsuyo?) or “have you ate?” and therefore the compatible reaction could be ? ???. (Nae haeseoyo.) or “sure, You will find ingested.

Almost every other “to eat” associated phrases were:

? ????? (jal meokgesseumnida): “I’m able to consume better”. That it statement is employed early in a meal and you may are directed toward person that waiting your food or if perhaps you are in a restaurant, it’s just about geared towards the team from the entire to help you state, “let’s benefit from the buffet” while also claiming “I’ll eat better and enjoy they,” into person who is using.

? ????? (jal meogeosseumnida): This literally means, “I ate really.” That is aren’t said after a meal rather of “thanks” towards person that try to acquire lunch/food. You may be indirectly claiming thank you and therefore the foodstuff are juicy.

How-to Learn Korean

  • Browse the finest Korean classes online discover a program which is healthy.
  • Look into the ideal instructions to understand Koreanfrom textbooks to jargon and you may verb conjugation.

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